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The story of Monsieur Saint Germain is linked to the creator's many passions. Jewelry was his spontaneous expression of his love of fashion, travel, fine materials and photography.


This Parisian naturally expressed his love of the beautiful and used his different professional and artistic experiences, in his feminine, masculine or mixed creations.


Renaud Vincent worked in the world of fashion for 20 years, Yohji Yamamoto, Louis Vuitton, APC, in the bustling Parisian neighborhood of Saint Germain des Prés, before launching and daring to create!


He lived and worked in Saint Germain des Prés for 20 years. It is therefore naturally that this neighborhood has become a source of inspiration and the brand, showing its vision of the world:

A place where different cultures can live together, as a link between the sacred and the layman.

From his travels and his love of the arts and popular beliefs, he loved and therefore created amulets, gri-gri and jewelry inspired by nature.

The heart of the brand is inspired by protection and luck.


The jewels are all designed and manufactured in France, in the Parisian studio of Monsieur Saint Germain.

Each piece is unique, created by the artist, in carefully selected materials.


Under a beautiful star, symbol of the brand, Monsieur Saint Germain expresses his desires and passions in precious timeless creations.









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